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A full-service digital agency built for long-lasting partnerships with local water treatment companies.

Amanda Crangle

Team Leader

Amanda Crangle founded Lamplight Digital Media with the purpose of providing local water treatment companies and service-based businesses a way to cost-effectively grow online and dominate their market. With transparency in all aspects of the work she and her team provides, clients know exactly what they’re investing in and the ROI they are making.

Amanda intimately knows the water industry as she has worked in a dealership as a sales rep and general manager and also as a digital marketing strategist for nearly a decade.

Amanda lives in Southwest Colorado where she enjoys horseback riding, fishing, running, cooking, and loving on her two beautiful kids and shooting the breeze (and some skeet) with her beloved husband.

Tara Kingrey

Tara Kingrey

Lead Digital Strategist/Optimizer & Account Manager

Tara Kingrey came to us in April of 2019, with a Marketing degree and over 12 years of Marketing and Advertising experience, mostly in advertising agencies. In the 10 years prior to joining Lamplight, she worked with hundreds of clients worldwide, including a Fortune 500 company, where she developed, implemented, and managed strategic marketing campaigns to their success.

Her sharpened skills in scaling businesses on Facebook and experience in Google AdWords, SEO, and copywriting make her a perfect fit for Lamplight Digital Media. Tara is a Digital Strategist and our Lead Optimizer at Lamplight and works diligently with over 25 clients on a regular basis.

A native resident of Southwest Missouri, Tara spends her spare time doing ministry with her husband, doing activities with her kids, friends, and family, including 6 dogs. She loves being outdoors and enjoying nature and working out at the gym with her husband. Other hobbies include photography, interior decorating, and singing.

Katie Farrell

Katie Farrell

Web Development & SEO Lead

Katie Farrell came to us in May of 2020, with over 8 years of Web Design experience and over 5 years SEO experience. In the 5 years prior to joining the Lamplight team, Katie had built over 100 websites for local businesses in Colorado, Tennessee, and Iowa, playing a crucial role in their digital marketing success.

Her extensive knowledge and skills in building websites that look great, build trust, rank well on Google, and convert at a high rate make her the perfect addition to the Lamplight Digital Media team. Katie currently works as our Web Development Lead & SEO Specialist, has built over 50 websites, and has run a number of successful in-depth SEO campaigns since joining our team.

Katie, her husband Nathan, and their 2 kids, Caleb & Miriam, currently reside in the Colorado Rockies, tucked behind Pikes Peak. Katie enjoys throwing over-the-top parties, cooking elaborate meals for friends and family, gift-giving, curling up to a good book, campfires and cozy sweatshirts, and killer spreadsheets.

Russell Miller

Russell Miller

Systems and User Experience Engineer

With a passion for connecting clients’ needs and the needs of their customers, Russell has been working for Lamplight since November of 2020, as our Systems and User Experience Engineer, focusing on building and improving systems and processes, and increasing conversion rates for our clients’ websites.

His experience as an engineer for a Fortune 500 company and in developing software has helped him create Lead Tracker 2.0 for our clients and, in his short time with Lamplight, he has put new systems and processes in place both internally and externally to enhance performance and abilities for Lamplight and its ever-growing family of clients.

Russell came to us with 4 years of engineering in his background plus 3 years of experience in web design and SEO, 7 years of software development, and has spent a significant amount of time user testing to see where he could help “move the needle” for clients. We are excited he chose to join us with his analytical, data-driven mind. If you know us, you know we are all about data and analytics! One of his split tests has also been featured on Guess The Test.

A native of Oklahoma, Russel enjoys traveling with his camper, metal detecting, scuba diving, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and photography.

Kimberly Musgrave

Kimberly Musgrave

Administrative Specialist

Kim is a number lover, which is right up our data nerd alley at Lamplight Digital Media! We use her 8 years of bookkeeping and accounting experience for all kinds of things for both our team and clients as well. She is our go-to gal for payroll, data entry, billing, insurance, bank reconciliations, IRA reporting, and just about anything else our team needs help with. She’s a very integral part of everything we do at Lamplight and we are so grateful to have her on our team since April of 2022.

Kim was born and raised in Southwest Missouri and has a passion for cooking (especially new, fancy dishes she can serve her family and friends), singing, and spending time with her family. Her grandkids are her world.

Shan Aquilo

Shan Aquilo

Web Developer

In September of 2022, Shan Aquilo joined Lamplight with over 8 years of Web Developer/Support experience. Not only can he develop sites from scratch, but he can also follow a design and fix issues on just about any kind of site.

As our company continues to grow, Shan has been a great extension of our team to help us build out and manage the websites for our ever-broadening sea of clients. His critical thinking skills and knowledge of all things related to websites and the back-end techy side of things help him fit in perfectly with our data-driven team at Lamplight.

Shan also has a knack for social media, video editing, and photography. In his spare time, Shan enjoys traveling and hiking. He also leads the production team for his church and plays instruments on the worship team. His family and friends are important to him and he loves spending time with them as well.

Davida Turley

Davida Turley

Client Account Manager & Graphic Designer

Davida joined us in November of 2022 as a Client Account Manager and Graphic Designer. She was a natural fit for the role, as an individual motivated by helping others succeed who thrives on meaningful connections, and a passion for all things creative. 

With nearly 14 years of experience in graphic design and printing and a deep understanding of digital marketing, we knew Davida would be a rockstar at Lamplight! Especially since she already had 4 years of experience developing paid digital campaigns and strategies for local companies. 

“I get to be the listener and the solver. I get to affect change, help others find ways to grow their businesses, and put all the skills I’ve learned along the way into practice. I get to make a measurable difference!” Davida said. 

Davida is from Southwest Missouri and loves spending time with her husband and two boys. They enjoy fishing, swimming, hiking, and camping outdoors in their spare time. Davida is also a natural-born adrenaline junky who enjoys fast cars, carnival rides, and roller coasters. She loves to help coach people on their journey to a healthy lifestyle and explore new cuisines to try and share on her journey to inspire others

Cody Sweet

Cody Sweet

Digital Strategist/Optimizer

Cody joined the team in December 2022, with over 10 years of experience in helping businesses grow their leads and sales through an assortment of marketing channels. Her experience ranges from traditional avenues like TV, radio, and newspaper, to online digital marketing such as website optimization, search engine marketing, and social media platforms. 

Cody’s strong passion for digging deep into the data creates strategic testing opportunies and implementation for cost-effective lead generation. As a natural problem solver, she is always looking for ways to improve the marketing funnel and customer experience.

She is a proud mother, wife, animal lover, CrossFit fanatic, and nutrition enthusiast. Born and raised in Colorado, she loves everything outdoors and currently calls Southwest Colorado home.

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