A few weeks ago, my husband asked if I had seen a new series on Netflix. He could not remember the name, so we pulled up the site and started looking for the series in question. Fifteen minutes later, we were about to give up our mindless scrolling when suddenly he remembered the title. We searched and when the show came up, he noticed the image associated with it was completely different than when he first saw the series. It now made sense why he could not find what he was looking for.

Have you ever noticed how these images change on Netflix? Or how your Facebook newsfeed appears just a bit different than it did the day before? Or perhaps how an Amazon product page has a new section or feature?

These giant companies are constantly changing and updating their content, interfaces, graphics and design—and they do not do it haphazardly. They have a strategic approach using a scientific process called split testing.

Historically reserved for fortune 1000 companies, split testing has recently made its way into businesses of all sizes and shapes and for a great reason. It is one of the most powerful ways to improve your core marketing metric (for water treatment companies, this typically means qualified leads) without spending any additional money.

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